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I share here some Virtual machines (VMs) or VirtualBox appliances that I created myself when I was testing Oracle products.
If you have a problem downloading a VM, please let me know.

Oracle Linux 6.7 64-bit seed (Fresh Installation)

This pre-built VirtualBox appliance is a fresh installation of Oracle Linux 6.7 64-bit.
It was then configured to make it ready for installing Oracle products, specially Oracle Database 12c R1.

version: Jan 2016

Download VM

Oracle Database 12c R1 on Linux 6.7 with ASM

This VirtualBox appliance has a fresh installation of Oracle Database 12c R1 on Linux 6.7 with ASM.

version: Feb 2016

Oracle Database 12c Primary and Physical Standby databases

This compressed file has two VirtualBox appliances. One is a primary Oracle 12c single instance database and the other is a physical standby database. Check the readme for details please.

version: Sep 2016

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