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Jithendra Kothuru
2017-07-01 20:01:23
Hi Baraka,

Excellent courses....appreciate your work on these 2 courses and best of luck.

Ramadhan Malinda
2017-05-31 03:57:58
Hi Ahmed Baraka

I Found most of your documents are useful
2017-05-11 10:10:37
Please provide Oracle 12C new features for DBA's which will help us. and all your docs are soo useful and understandable easily..
Amin Ali Ansari
2016-10-16 13:14:13

I got some documents from your site.I can say that its not a single day effort.
Thanks for sharing life time experience doc with us.
I will try to make it more beautiful.

Thanks & Regards,
Amin A
Sreenivasan K.
2016-10-03 14:35:41
This is a wonderful site with good materials and thank you very much for making it available to all.
Eric M.
2016-10-03 14:31:45
Hi Ahmed,
I am oblige to have found your videos on youtube and now your site. I have for the past 10 months been handling the DBA tasks in my company. That is the DBA role. I don't want to say I am a DBA because I do not believe I am yet. Your tutorials and explanations are so concise that makes me want to master Oracle products like you do. Kindly guide or advise me on how to continue this journey that I am on. I love working with Oracle products and now I am aspiring to become a DBA. Appreciate your kind feedback.
Regards, Eric
Nisar Ahmed
2016-10-03 14:29:24
Dear Sir ,
Please need assistance for whatever you face issues with performance tunnung and other issues , kindly please provide that document and also need RAC Archetectur and error face so far and Oracle DBA archetecture.
Thanks in Advance
Renee Paz
2016-10-03 14:27:00
Hi Ahmed, First, a big thank you for creating those docs and videos, it made oracle fun to learn again. I would like to request if you can make either a doc or video on how to setup Oracle12c RAC using virtual box, very similar to the one specified on the docs but its designed for 12c requirements. Thanks in advance. Renee
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