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Oracle Database Performance Tuning

Do you want to be a real Oracle Database Performance Tuning Professional? If yes, do not miss this opportunity. No course covers this topic as deep...

27:24:00 490

Managing Oracle Cloud Autonomous Databases

Do not miss this opportunity to learn managing the most amazing Oracle database ever!


10:0:0 100

Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs

The course takes you step by step to transition you knowledge and experience to managing Oracle databases on the cloud.


7:00 100

Oracle 12c SQL Tuning

Be one of the top professionals who knows how to tune Oracle SQL. No other course covers all this course topics.


20:00:00 810

Oracle Database RAC Administration (12c and 19c)

An extensive course that develops your skills to be professional on managing Oracle RAC databases (12c and 19c)


17:00:00 2,125

Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery using RMAN

Master using RMAN in performing backup and recovery activities on Oracle Databases. No course covers the same topics!


20:05:00 1120

Oracle Database Data Guard Administration (12c and 19c)

Take your Oracle DBA knowledge and experience to the next level and become a professional on Data Guard administration


12:23:00 1950

Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture Administration

Learn how to build and manage an Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture database.


10:30:00 1105

Oracle GoldenGate 12c Fundementals

Become professional at configuring and implementing Oracle GoldenGate in the Enterprise (upgrade to 19c included)


11:30:00 1652

About the Instructor

Thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Ahmed Baraka. I started my career as Oracle developer and soon transitioned to Oracle DBA.

After building up my experience on working with Oracle technologies, I decided to transfer my knowledge and experience to junior DBAs who want to advance their career to the next level.

Please, feel free to explore the course and website contents. You will find free downloadable documents and VM machines to enjoy.

Have fun!

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I want to thank you for all the tutorials and classes you have been offering for Oracle dbas. Because of you i was able to land my first job as an oracle dba. I will keep watching..subscribing and purchasing more courses from your website. Thank you so much. You changed my life

Wilfred Tabi

This Course is a Pure Gold in itself . I think , we won't find these type of Training ( Detailed ) anywhere. External Vendors will usually charge heaps amount of $$ for Bad Quality / Rushed Courses, which normal human can never understand. I have taken these External Courses and

Abhinav Pandey

The instructor is knowledgeable and covers important topics from the DBA point of view. The Information given can be directly used in my day to day work.

Sanjay Dharmadhikari

Me Get in Touch.